Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird Update

Hummingbird was launched the following year in 2013 to tap the reason or intent behind the query if you please. So let us understand in detail how this is any different from the functioning of Panda & Penguin. While Panda is all about quality, Penguin to stop spam, hummingbird is about filtering out blind keywords & get to the main reason of the search, the intention of the search. So really it wouldn’t encourage a sheer keyword match though still continuing to be important the importance is given to the thematic aspect. The theme of the search that occurs and the concept, ideas behind them.

Could I Be Rewarded? How Can I Go About Optimizing For Hummingbird?

1 - Google search is always on a look out to persistently evolve and get the smarts of any tricks that may be played by the people trying to think they can work around manipulating google.

2 - There are no rules as such for the official guidelines pertaining to Hummingbird Update

3 - Inclusion of the related keywords namely the LSI keywords to ensure more clarity of the content.

4 - Deployment of Google Authorship and guest post, encouraging them on high authority blogs to better your ranks.

5 - Making the content interesting enough to arouse interest, creating the urgency to read and also ensuring it is made social media friendly.

6 - Ensuring you build yourself a highly valued Google profile

7 - Concentrate on your blog, built as an authority blog as a branded blog.