Penguin Update

What is Penguin Update

Penguin is yet another similar update that catches hold of the sites that can be dismissed for being sheer spam, those that spam google. Yet again the very function of penguin update is to ensure the quality and efficient rank system the whole time adjusting the rank very much like panda to push to the top only the content that is quality. However in this case it is very much possible that a site might be wrongly caught. It was launched in 2012 to penalize the sites that were just stuffing up keywords & disguising.

The Twin Specific Penguin Triggers

Abnormal Links:

This again is a strategy applied(ofcourse invain) where they try to create a false impression of popularity. Everything on the page is without a shadow of doubt all plastic, all artificially created. Which would mean the page reflects tons of bought back links from very low quality unrealated websites. Why is this is done is self explanatory. Obviously they want to somehow push themselves into the good books of google. One would notice lots of unnatural links on the site which may not even be related to the subject on the site.

Keyword Stuffing-

Should there be a case where the whole literature on the page is stuffed up cheaply with the keyword with the sole motive of being able to reach the top rankings through this manipulative strategy. This is easy to spot as the bunch of random words thrown in make very little sense. Coz there is an unnecessary repetition of the words without the evident need and therefore qualifies sadly for the stuffed keyword.

Hell No, Not Me! Am I Hit By Penguin? How Do I Know?

These are very commonly mistaken or even confused with the manual penalty for the unnatural linking. Where te Penguin is essentially a Google filter applied to one and all sites, the manual penalty is unique to that one single website that is identified by the google to be populating spams. These could be penalties reported by the google users basketing them as spasm

So if you notice a drop in the rankings or the traffic accounting to Penguin update, you could have been hit by penguin. You could also look at the keyword optimization or again the practices could be deemed as spam.

How To Recover From Penguin

We know that in case of a manual link penalty we are required to file a reconsideration request, once all sorted at your end, in the case of penguin, once penalty is lifted you really don’t have to bother about filling the request.

Remedy would be earning the forgiveness at the occasion of the googlebot crawling your site

  • 1 - You must take off all the unnatural links spread which you very easily can do even those that you may have built yourself or have made them to appear on another website.
  • 2 - Not really in the control is the disavowal of spam links

  • Curating, revising the website literature could be one of the best things to do and let the keywords flow naturally at the organic need and not simply stuffed up mechanically. Needless to say there should be fresh piece of information given, provision of complete impulse buying to the audience which means- your information should draw positive attention and offer value.