Pigeon Update

Pigeon Update

Being launched in 2014, Pigeon algorithm update was released to make the search relevance smart. Google said that “this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters.” Pigeon was developed to closely link the google’s local search algorithm closer to their web algorithm to better the ranking systems basing them completely on distance and location.

Pigeon Hallmarks

Let’s take a look at some of the major changes that took place as part of the Pigeon update:

1 - One of the main motives of the Pigeon update was connecting the local algorithm to the web algorithm to ensure complete benefit of the many ranking signals.

2 - Pigeon was identified as expressing advancements in Google’s abilty to calculate local business’s distance & location.

3 - Maps being redrawn to a narrower radius, being a pigeon update or an A/B testing, businesses apparently found them out of the lots that were ealier on ranking. Now Google is an expert at distance bw searcher and business. Surely a step up along the path.

4 - One among the most notable instances wat the pack size coming down from 7. Reduction the lot or the pack size making them least visible locally.